1 Gig download speeds with no bandwidth throttling, so you’ll always have the fastest connection possible, all the time!


No contracts, bundled with your utility bill. Never deal with the big corporations again.


All-new fiber network, built from the ground up from The City of Dayton, TX with no data caps. So go ahead, play games, shop online, stream movies – we won’t stop or slow you down.


When you subscribe, you are investing into your hometown’s infrastructure to improve the quality of life for our community.
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Why is Broadband So Important for Communities?

As more of our lives transition to the digital world, access to the Internet and its multitude of applications becomes increasingly more important. Where it was once just a complement to our physical lives, the virtual world has become a crucial part of what we do every day. Online applications for business, health, education, security, and entertainment have all become integrated into our daily lives.

DayNet will be available in December 2021. It will give virtually every home, business, and community anchor organization in Dayton, TX, access to ultra-high-speed broadband internet. DayNet high-speed, fiber-optic broadband services will deliver 1 Gbps speeds for homes. Businesses will also have access to the same 1 GBPS speed services and will facilitate even greater speeds for large companies in the future.

What is DayNet?
DayNet Internet is Dayton, TX.

The City of Dayton is embarking on creating a new broadband internet utility for servicing its diverse community. The DayNet network will encompass 110 miles of fiber giving every home, business, and community anchor the opportunity for access to ultra-high-speed broadband Internet, making Dayton a competitive place to live, work, learn, and play.

City of Dayton Owned and Operated Fiber Internet

Project Updates

Check out the planned Daynet network map including area phase procedure.

DayNet Dayton Fiber Network Coverage Map
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This includes supporting Dayton's water and wastewater connectivity needs, enabling Smart City applications for transportation and public safety, creating a Dayton-wide technology platform for high-tech business cultivation, and enabling opportunities to reduce the cost of doing business in the City.

As of November 23rd, 2021

Dayton Texas Fiber Internet Construction Progress Map